Free at Office Depot


YIKES! My teenage daughter went on my computer and downloaded a FREE music video. Now my computer won’t open any files. It’s all messed up. I’m so SAD.

I panicked. Then I remembered that Office Depot has a Free computer PC check up. They assess a computer’s performance and security. I drove to the nearest Office Depot in La Crescenta and handed my computer over to Mak and Jose.
As Jose hooked my computer up to the diagnostic scan machine, he said “uh, yep you have a virus.” I knew that.┬áJose was confident that he could fix it, and get my computer running faster and make her less vulnerable to other virus and spyware attacks.

It would cost $169 to get her up and running smoothly again. At first when I heard that number I balked. Then I thought, well if I took the dog to the vet or one of the girls to their doctor, it would cost that much, so I signed some forms and handed it over to Mak and Jose with the promise that they would be gentle with have it back in 24 hours.

Jose was true to his word and fixed my computer in less than 24 hours. It runs faster, is healthy and virus-free.
Now the consequence for my daughter using my computer….She felt so bad she came up with her own punishment – She gave me $50 to help with the cost of the repair and an IOU to babysit her sister and work around the house for 20 hours. This Sat. night she will be babysitting and the next two weekends she will be staying home.